Clayton Ebersole
Buck's Nickname
3 times a charm
Harvest Location
Harvest Year
143 1/8
Compound Bow
Type of Hunt
Fair Chase
Self Guided/Guided

3 times a charm

1rst time to Missouri was just public land I hunted hard missed a big 8 ! My cousin died so I headed for home to be at the viewing. So the 2nd time out I won a hunt to an outfitter it was great ever stand I hunted out of I missed a great buck I never had a chance at bucks like that being from Pa the old brown it's down attitude you never see bucks of that caliber so long story short I had buck fever and target panic! So the next year I paid to hunt the same outfitter so I could close that deal but blue tongue had hit and it was bad saw few bucks worth shooting ! On the 3rd day I shot a buck but he made it I grazed him so on the last day on the last hour I got a shot at this big boy and sealed it but not after tracking him a mile and using some arrows to finish him. Since then I have become more confident in my shooting my bow it definitely comes with experience! 3rd times a charm! For sure!

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