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A bad day gone good

My day actually started very bad I had gotten in late due to traffic I had walked all the way to my stand and forgot my book bag in the truck which had my release once I got back to the truck and began walking back to the location of my stand I decided to stop early and climb another tree due to spooking deer from my original position once I was set up i dropped my bow and 25 ft out of the stand luckily nothing broke thanks to Mathews for makin such a durable bow I climbed down and back up and immediately I began to watch about 15 deer walk a trial right desire my original tree I was debating on getting down when I looked to my right and a doe came running right into me and behind her he came I shot home at 22 yrds he never once seen or even bothered to try finding me the only thing he was worried about was his hot doe he ran about 40 yrds and fell over I then pulled out my phone to call my father and realized my phone was dead so I walked to the truck and waited for him to arrive we then went to retreave this trophy and ended our night with some family photos

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