Clayton Ebersole
Buck's Nickname
Harvest Location
Harvest Year
135 1/8
Compound Bow
Type of Hunt
Fair Chase
Self Guided/Guided
Self Guided


It was the first time I was taking my 17 year old son with me out west to show him how pop gets hunt.All week we hunted hard saw tons of Turkey and some OK bucks but we were there to shoot a stud and we were fighting the heat it was 74 for 3 days straight I had put a trail camera out in front of me so I always knew what walked by . well 2 days it was youth season which sounded like everybody musta had at least 5 boxes of shells . plus you had to where orange . By the 5th day an outfitter put a guy 50 feet from where I was , I was heart broken. But I was on public land so I was stuck not a lot of trees to go plus I was there first so I stuck it out 2 days later I couldn't believe he was still there up to this point I didn't use calls out of respect but now it was war so I broke out my can call and my mad call and started to pplay a black Sabbath song iron man with them it took 2 he's he called his outfitter to come and move him out! Thank God . well the next day my son and I slept in then went into town to do laundry it was cloudy and 65 when I asked my son if he thought we should go out yet to day and he said we will wonder what walks by if we don't , OK so we hurried up and got out there but it was 4 pm I said to myself at least I'm here shortly after I said that a doe and a button buck went by and 10 minutes later I'm shootn a 8 , awesome deal! Well I checked the trail camera later and I shot him in front of the camera but he didn't show up on the camera , I got other bucks on there but not him that's why I call him the gift. P.s if I would of went out in the morning a bunch of turkeys walked by my stand . Go figure ! If your wondering about my son I brought him over to my spot the next day and he got buck fever so bad he missed a 8 pointer that walked with in 20 yards . I told him you got to condition yourself for these deer out here . when you hunt Pennsylvania you might only see 1 or 2 a day or a week .it's a start.

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