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brent lay


what salt content are you comfortable with,  Ive been in and out of doing my  own for over 20 yrs  , but looks like Im back at it.

most goat or cow minerals with the right amount of cal and phos and other trace minerals i find are just too low in my opinion on salt content.

I would like to see it up to 40-50%

and takes 50% or so to be legal in places.

I had used a mineral called buck busters, and had excellent results with it, but he sold out to a group and they quit producing it couple years ago.

I have used up the ton I bought , so back at it again.

btw, the article on minerals caught my attention, I guess our thoughts on minerals run parallel.

I tend to put mine on stumps or logs or even some wood feeders to hold the mineral I made, just think about it, deer eat woody fiber every day, but putting it on ground forces them to eat dirt,

Is that a good thing? Not sure about that, its over my pay grade.



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