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David Munch

Coyote update,

I’m sure most of you guys are getting cranked up about deer right about now but let’s not forget about the coyotes this season. If you’re sitting in your stand and a coyote comes along(shoot) especially you bow hunters. The coyote you let pass my just walk down the trail and kill the fawn that may be the key to a great gene pool in your area. More new research proves that coyotes kill a lot of deer fawns. Even James Krohl(Dr.Deer) recently addressed the coyote issue. He stated that he no longer sits and watches a coyote walk past, he shoots! If you manage your property for big deer and don’t control your predator numbers you are simply feeding the predators. You can do the most good by calling or trapping coyotes about a month before the deer drop their fawns till about two to three months after they drop the fawns. The key is to take out the alpha pairs in your hunting area. I’ll explain how that’s done in my next post.