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Bruce Carroll

The biggest thing to keep in mind regarding minerals is that they have a low salt content.   The majority of so called name brand minerals are mostly salt and are more of a attractant then a mineral compound that will actually help your deer herds health.  Deer do need a smaller percentage of salt in take to help balance out their diet of high water content greens.

They also need adiitional vitamins and minerals like coper, Zinc, potassium, and so many more.   They have to all be in a good ration with each other to work properly.

I have my own custom formula that i have custom mixed for me at a feed mill  and selling for several years.   But i have heard goid things about the mineral from Real World Wildlife Products.

The other thing that i believe the main stream media and mineral companies mislead people is that they tell you to mix it with dirt and let them dig for it.   The high salt content minerals disolve quickly snd leech into the soil.  So as soon as it rains it disappears quickly leeching down into the soil.

A good mineral compound will clump up and not disdolve after a rain.  If a deer is digging they are not getting as much mineral as they need.

The mineral strategy that has worked best for me is placing enough minersl out to last a week or so and keep it fresh.   If i put out 10 pounds in a location and it is all gone in a week i put out 15 pounds next time.  I keep adjusting it until there is just a small amount left by the time i return.   If it is a out of state property that i cant visit often. I will put large piles out.  It is better then them not getting any mineral.

I run minersls year around but January though August is the most important months and when deer need it the most.

I am planning to write a detailed article explaning minerals and how they help and how to use them within the next werk or so.  But hope this helps.