Pennsylvania Antlerless Deer Application Schedule Could Change

Posted by Bruce Carroll on February 3, 2016 in Uncategorized, State News ; Pennsylvania

Length between resident and nonresident application periods could shorten.

Traditionally, hunters who are Pennsylvania residents have been able to apply for antlerless deer licenses a full two weeks before nonresidents apply.
But the time between resident and nonresident application periods could shorten to one week, based on a measure approved preliminarily today by the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners.
If the change gains final approval, nonresidents will be allowed to apply the third Monday in July each year.
The measure is part of an ongoing effort by the Board of Commissioners to make the application process more fair to nonresident deer hunters, many of whom are native Pennsylvanians who have moved away but return to hunt with family.
The agenda for today’s meeting initially contained a proposal to allow residents and nonresidents apply for their first licenses on the same date, but the proposal was amended and the board was unanimous in preliminarily adopting the one-week delay.
Antlerless deer licenses are valid only in the Wildlife Management Unit for which they’re issued. In many of the state’s 23 Wildlife Management Units, licenses typically are available at the time nonresidents first can apply. But in some WMUs – particularly a handful in northcentral Pennsylvania where many nonresidents have camps – antlerless licenses sell out quickly and before nonresidents have a chance to apply.
Commissioners said the measure, which is scheduled for a final vote in April, would give those nonresidents a better chance to obtain a license, while still giving preference to residents.
Commissioner Timothy Layton, who represents Region 4, said the board will continue to evaluate the application schedule.

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