Wisconsin Deer Management Assistance Program Enrollment

Posted by Bruce Carroll on January 29, 2016 in Uncategorized, State News ; Wisconsin

The fact the Wisconsin has a deer management assistance program is awesome.  Hopefully this catches on in other states for us deer hunters who like to improve habitat on the farms they hunt.    if you live in Wisconsin and want to participate you need to sign up quickly.

Give deer and other wildlife what they need–improve your habitat with DMAP!

The Deer Management Assistance Program provides landowners with wildlife habitat management resources for properties of any size.  Three levels of enrollment place a wide range of benefits at your fingertips, ranging from hands-on workshops and informational resources to property-specific management plans.

 For Level 2 or 3 enrollment (160 acres or more), be sure to apply before March 1 to be eligible for a site visit with a wildlife biologist or forester this year.  Enroll with your neighbors as a group cooperative to receive benefits at a higher level! 

Not quite sure if DMAP is right for you? Join us for a DMAP chat Feb. 11 at noon.  Visit dnr.wi.gov, keyword “chat” to participate or view the chat at a later time.

Learn more and apply at dnr.wi.gov, keyword “DMAP.”


Deer Management Assistance Program

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