New Crossman Air Bow, delivering 450 feet per second!

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New Benjamin Pioneer Airbow by CrosmanThe Benjamin Pioneer Airbow by Crosman is unlike anything you have ever seen.  Utilizing an arrow is the only thing that resembles anything like a traditional bow.  Although it does have a stock like modern crossbows,

(a very space age, tactical looking one at that) is the only similar thing to crossbows.   This bow is powered by air pressure taking the concept of archery to a whole new level.

While at the 2016 ATA Show i found my self in the booth looking at this unique weapon.   At first i was about to write it off as a new Crossman air gun (toy as you might say or think).  But that thinking quickly went away after talking to them and they explained the the functionality and the ability of their new Airbow.

The Pioneer Airbow is capable of generating pressures up to 30,000 PSI, while firing full-size arrows at a stunning 450 feet per second! With arrow groups around 2 inches at 50 yards obtainable by a steady shooter.    Not only can this airbow get an arrow to a target fast, it is easy to handle and use, as well. Its design and feel makes it an effective weapon for many hunting situations, whether you’re hunting from a tree stand, or spotting/stalking; chasing big game or smaller-scale animals.

Arrows from the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow stabilize quickly, giving shooters an expanded kill range for any game animal. The Airbow features a cocking lever that can be operated with only two fingers and decocking is just as easy. Its accuracy is not affected by canting and it does not require the complex maintenance of crossbows. Simply put, the Pioneer Airbow offers everything  enthusiasts enjoy about archery hunting while making the sport safer and more accessible.

Although the first thing you should know is that this bow is not legal to hunt with in every state.   Before you rush out and get one, do your homework and find out  if you can hunt with it and what you can hunt with it in your state.

The ease of use and functionality of the Airbow is quite remarkable. it is fast, reliable and safe.  Traditional hunters will realize that it is louder then conventional bows and crossbows, but the speed it delivers makes up for it.

The Pioneer Airbow features a black synthetic stock with a Picatinny rail system for mounting accessories and includes:

• Three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows with nano ceramic Victory ICE™coating for increased speed, penetration and easier retrieval, plus field tips
• CenterPoint 6×40 mm optic with custom MTAG reticle offering aiming points to 75 yards
• A canted Picatinny base providing an additional 20 MOA of adjustment
• Custom sling
• Quick-detach quiver

While in the booth i watched a video from Jim Shockey where he was testing the bow and harvested a buffalo with it.  Needless to say a buffalo is tough thick animal but the Airbow performed extremely well and brought down the full sized buffalo with no problem.   Here is the video!

I also found this video where you can learn more about the Airbow from a Crossman Representative.

It is definitely a innovative weapon in the archery world,  but some discussions i have been part of say it is not a bow because it doesn’t have a string.   Some say it is because it shoots a arrow!   It will be fun to see where this new product evolves and how it is accepted in the hunting community by hunters as well as Government agencies to see if  it will be come legal to hunt with one!

Would love to hear everyones thoughts on this new product!

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