2015 Missouri deer harvest numbers

Posted by Bruce Carroll on January 19, 2016 in Uncategorized, State News ; Missouri

Missouri Deer hunters had a good year in 2015.  279,401 deer was harvested.   Missouri deer harvest numbers have been on a steady increase for several years. The DNR hasn’t released the breakdown of the harvest method yet, but they did release the breakdown of harvests by antlered/ antlerless.

In 2015 days there was a total of 125,006 antlered bucks harvested.  32,320 button bucks was harvested.  122,075 does harvested.

To get a idea of the possible harvest by season here is the numbers we found for the Missouri 2014 deer season.  The total harvest for 2014 was 258,341.

Urban: 599   Early Youth: 18,294   November Firearms: 166,383   Antlerless Firearms: 9,120   Alternate Methods: 11,067    Late Youth: 1,123    Archery: 51,755

The years harvest numbers for previous years is as follows.
2013: 252,574 Deer Harvested
2012: 313,254 Deer Harvested
2011: 293,527 Deer Harvested
2010: 276,650 Deer Harvested

The Missouri deer hunters had a great deer season in 2012. Hopefully hunters will have a great 2016 deer season in Missouri!



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