Iowa’s 2015 deer harvest is higher then previous years!

Posted by Bruce Carroll on December 20, 2015 in Uncategorized, State News ; Iowa

Iowa is known to be the land of the giants.  Most deer hunters dream of hunting big whitetails in the state of Iowa.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources reported back in late November that hunters have harvested 27,300 deer so far this season.   Thats close to 4,000 more deer harvested at the same time in 2014 and 2013 harvests.

The nice weather is possibly the reason of this increase of deer harvests.   Many of the crops got harvested early this year removing some of the cover the deer usually hide in.   Also the beautiful weather and warmer temperatures might have kept hunters out in the field more , leading to more being harvested.   At the time of the release the two gun seasons and late muzzleloader season is ahead.   At the time of me writing this, the first shotgun deer season which took place  Dec.5-9 is already passed, but results have not been released.  The second shotgun deer season that started on Dec 12, 2015 is currently underway and ends today on Dec 20, 2015.   As soon as we get the results we will pass them along.   Plus Iowa hunters still have the late muzzleloader and archery season to look forward to.  This late season runs from Dec 21, 2015 -Jan 10, 2016.    As soon as we get the results or an update we will post it!  Happy Hunting!

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