2015 Kentucky deer harvests on the rise!

Posted by Bruce Carroll on December 20, 2015 in Uncategorized, State News ; Kentucky

So far in 2015, the deer hunters in Kentucky have seen great success.  Even with the exceptionally warm weather deer harvest numbers are up. The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission has reported that 147,564 deer have been harvested so far this year.   Even with a lot of late season deer hunting to go, the harvest numbers are already ahead of the final harvest totals in 2014 and 2013.

So far in 2015 out of the 147,564 deer shot in Kentucky, 19,579 deer have been shot by archery hunters.   108,144 deer harvested with a firearm.  16,008 with Muzzleloaders. 3,833 deer harvested with crossbows.  82,441 of these deer was bucks, while 65,123 were does.

Comparing this years harvest  to the previous last 2 years total season numbers, you will see the harvest numbers for 2015 are already ahead .

2014 Kentucky Total deer harvest:  138,899

Archery:           18,369
Firearms:       102,893
Muzzleloader: 14,675
Crossbow:        2,962



2013 Kentucky Total deer harvest: 144,409

Archery:           20,835
Firearms:       104,621
Muzzleloader: 15,642
Crossbow:        3,311

Once the 2015 Kentucky deer season comes to an end we will let you know the end results for the year.  Hunt hard and be Safe!



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