Ohio Deer harvest results

2015 Ohio Deer Harvest Update

Posted by Bruce Carroll on December 18, 2015 in Uncategorized, State News ; Ohio

For many years Ohio has become a popular destination for hunters looking for big bucks.   The deer permit sales and harvests was at a all time high back in the 2009 and 2010 hunting season.  Even though more out of state deer hunters are now coming to Ohio looking for the buck of a lifetime, the overall deer permit sales have constantly been declining.   Which ultimately leads to lower deer harvests.

Although the license sales totals are not out yet for 2015 the graph below shows the fluctuations of deer permit sales from 2007 to 2014.

Ohio deer permit sales 2007-2014

Non resident deer permit sales have been steadily climbing over the years. Back in 2001 there was around 14,000 Non resident tags sold. In 2012 there was close to 40,000 non resident deer tags sold.  In 2014 non residents made up 11% of the total deer permits issued.

  As of December 15, 2015 Ohio deer hunters harvested 154,157 deer.

67,284 were antlered/bucks, 86,873 were antlerless.

Archery hunters contributed to the harvest by harvesting 36,847 bucks and 36,475 antlerless deer.

During the 2015 Deer Gun season ( Nov. 30th- Dec. 6th ) the harvest totals was 73,399.

(Some deer during the gun season was harvested utilizing a bow or crossbow.)

The number of harvested Bucks during gun season was 26, 513 and 46,866 does.


Ohio Deer Harvest and Permit Results

Permits sold                   # of deer harvested

2014:    494,378                                 175, 801

2013:      535,676                                191,503

2012:      588,885                                 218,910

2011:      603,549                                  219,748


The graphic below shows Ohio deer harvests from 1900 -2010.

ohio deer harvests from 1900-2010

Hope you enjoyed the update and we will be adding more updates as the season goes on.



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